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Dynamic Live Mode

Dynamic Live Mode (DLM) is a database management feature introduced with UBIK.Server version 4.0.


Essentially, DLM is an O-R mapper capable of maintaining database tables for all meta classes, automatically adapting to changes by the user. DLM is the successor of the "Live Mode" in earlier UBIK.Server versions. This means, "Sandbox Mode" is obsolete now, since all meta classes are released permanently now. Any change to the inheritance structure or meta properties of a meta class is reflected in the database automatically.


  • All meta classes are released, at all times.
  • In order to change a meta class, you don't have to go to Sandbox mode anymore.
  • No SQL update scripts are required anymore; UBIK.Studio or SmartStudio can be used to install or upgrade an Environment (for versions 4.0.0 and higher).
  • Instead of a prepared "Release" database, an empty database can be used for the installation of a new UBIK Environment.
  • For human readability and reports, a DB View is generated. The system tables generated and maintained by DLM are not easily human readable and should never be manipulated by the user.

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