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Commissioning Objects (UBIK Android)

 UI Representation of Commissioning Task Objects
UI Representation of Commissioning Task Objects
IC Attention.pngSince Version 3.0.0 Commissioning Objects are handled as MRO Objects (Client)

A commissioning task is a special task object, which displays properties defining the status of the check on the row level directly.

There are two types of commissioning tasks,

  • state relevant tasks which are indicated by a (solid/hollow) check symbol at the left side of the row as well as the "Not Applicable" icon. The later icon is a circle with a diagonal line in it at the end of the row.
  • non state relevant tasks, which can be seen as some kind of informational object which do not have a status. This line is indicated by a white "i" as icon and does not have the "Not Applicable" icon.

All commissioning tasks, no matter of what type, are intended to be nested into a parent object called commissioning workpackage, which provides the functionality to close all underlying tasks and synchronize them with the server (triggering some optional workflow).

IC Hint square.pngA commissioning task is finished only if a value is entered or the Not applicable icon is toggled accordingly.

Any value not equal to null is a valid property value, which means that also a value false for a boolean property is valid.

The boolean status is reflected through the checkbox' color: dark blue if it has not been set yet, white if set and white / empty if it is false.

Task types

Information commissioning task

This task is indicated by the white "i" in front of the row. It is intended to hold further information for the user, like additional photos or just a note for the engineer which is not relevant for the status of the whole commissioning process. Nevertheless, it is possible to give it a value like the other tasks which is of course synchronized with the server at least if the commissioning workpackage gets finished.

State relevant commissioning task

All tasks, for example checking whether a functional plan is available or specific values have to be entered, are handled with this type. It is also possible to check a task as Not Applicable if it is not possible to be done at the moment but should be seen as finished regarding the work package.

The leading icon indicates the completion status of the task. A task is finished once the value is not null OR the Not Applicable icon is toggled. It is possible both, to fill out a task's property and toggle it as Not Applicable.

Commissioning work package

 Architecture of status calculation
Architecture of status calculation

A work package contains tasks of the above mentioned types. Once navigated to a work package an icon and a button are shown at the bottom of the screen. This button visualizes the overall status evaluated of all status of the underlying state relevant commissioning tasks. This means that, as long as at least a single child task is not finished the whole workpackage is regarded as (technically) not finished. The icon within the button visualizes the work package's status which is again a property assigned to the work package. This leads to four possible states of a work package:

  1. Workpackage status OPEN | technical status OPEN
  2. Workpackage status FINISHED | technical status OPEN
  3. Workpackage status OPEN | technical status FINISHED
  4. Workpackage status FINISHED | technical status FINISHED

Clicking the button at the bottom attempts to switch the workpackage status. If the workpackage is changed from open to finished, it triggers a sync of the whole work package. For all state relevant tasks which have not be set an editor will pop up allowing the user to enter the missing value. Cancelling the dialog leaves the task's value empty.

IC Attention.pngUp to now, it is possible to change commissioning tasks even if the work package is finished already.
IC Hint square.pngIf a commissioning work package does not contain any commissioning checks or if they are not yet fetched from the server, the technical status displayed at the bottom left corner is Finished!

The following images should give an overview about possible states occuring upon using this feature:

Technical Background

The status of work packages is essentially an Integer property. Currently its value definitions are as follows.

  • Anything not greater than (≤) 0 indicates the package is open;
  • Anything not less than (≥) 1 indicates the package is finished.

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