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IC METACLASS.gif Context
Namespace System.ACM
Internal Name SystemObjects.CONTEXT
TypeString UBIK.Kernel.MetaClass
RuntimeType UBIK.Content.ACM.AdjustableRightsContext
Purpose Configure contexts for ACM
Version 2+

A context defines the usage (use case) of data access and the scope of object types (MetaClasses) and their properties that are available in its context. There might be different contexts scopes defined for read access and write access for the same MetaClass.

The contexts are related to an Application via the SYSREL CONTEXT relation.

Own Properties

Name Data type Comment
VIEW Guid Reference to a view defining the objects' hierarchy
DATETIMEFORMAT Text Configure a user specific date / time format to be used for visualizing date / time values on the client
METADEFINITION XML Released MetaDefinitions are stored here
PERSISTENTMETADEFS Boolean Store MetaDefinitions in database