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CreateInstance (Activity)

The CreateInstance Activity creates a new Instance of a specified MetaClass.



Create Instance
Name CreateInstance
Purpose Create a new instance of a MetaClass
Category UBIK Object Primitives
Returns The created instance
Version 2.1+


Argument Type Direction Purpose
MetaClass BaseClass In The MetaClass to create the instance from
Result RelationalObject Out The created instance, null if creation failed


This activity is used to create new UBIK® objects during the execution of a workflow. Since it only needs to know the MetaClass to create objects from, it can be used to create regular content objects as well as properties or anything else.

IC Attention.pngThis activity does not automatically save changes. If you want to persist the newly created instance, you need i.e. a subsequent SaveObject activity!


Load the MetaClass named PUMP, and create a new instance from it:

Argument Value
UBIKObject.Environment _
.GetSystemMetaClass(UBIK.Kernel.SystemObjects.METACLASS) _

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